Lib Specs

Libs define additional repos which are maintained by Dusty and mounted into running app containers which depend on them. Dusty can keep your libs' repos up to date and ensure their install commands are run when necessary inside app containers to keep the container's state clean.


repo: /Users/myuser/my-app

repo specifies the repo containing the source for a lib. By default, Dusty manages this repo for you and will keep its local copy up to date. Once a repo is defined in an active spec, it can be controlled using the dusty repos command.

Repos can be specified using either a URL or an absolute path to a Git repo on your local filesystem. If a repo URL starts with https, HTTPS will be used to clone the repo. Note that this will only work with public repositories. By default, SSH is used to clone repos.

repo is required in lib specs.


mount: /my-app

mount tells Dusty where to mount the contents of the lib's repo inside any app containers which depend on it.

mount is required in lib specs.


  - name: GITHUB_KEY
    path: /root/.ssh/id_rsa
  - name: AWS_KEY
    path: /root/.aws_key
    required: false

Assets are files which your containers need access to, but which you don't have in a repository. The main usecase here is for private keys.

You must register a local file as an asset with the dusty assets set command. When you specify the file, its contents are copied to your VM and shared with your running Dusty containers. Assets are placed in your container at the absolute path specified at path.

The required key defaults to true, and dusty up will not succeed if any required assets have not been registered.


  - python install

install specifies a list of commands that should be run to prepare the library to be used. This command is run in the container of an app which depends on the lib.

Lib install commands are executed prior to the app's once and always commands during container startup.


    - lib2
    - lib3

depends is used to specify other libs which should be installed inside any app container which depends on this lib. Only libs may be specified inside a lib's depends key.



The test key contains information on how to run tests for a lib. Once specified, tests may be run with the dusty test command. To find out more about the testing spec, see the testing spec page.