Installing Dusty

Pre-Dusty Install

Make sure that Dusty can access your SSH keys for pulling down repositories:

ssh-add -K
ssh-add -K <path-of-private-key>

ssh-add adds private key identities to the authentication agent, ssh-agent. This will allow Dusty to pull repos using your saved SSH credentials. <path-of-private-key> should point at the SSH file set up to talk to your remote git repository (GitHub for instance).

Dusty Installation

The easiest way to install Dusty is with Homebrew:

brew cask install dusty

If that worked, continue to Setup.

Manual Installation

You can also install Dusty manually. First, make sure you have the following requirements installed:

These can be obtained all together from Docker Toolbox.

Then, run the following to download and install Dusty:

bash -c "`curl -L`"

This script will install Dusty as a service and run the preflight check to ensure that all dependencies are installed. If the script throws an error, make sure to resolve that before continuing.