0.2.2 (In Progress)

0.2.1 (July 6, 2015)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: all is no longer an allowed in tests. Setting a suite's name to all will cause dusty validate to fail.

  • FIXED: dusty setup now works correctly with the updated client/daemon model.

  • FIXED: rsync commands now run with root privileges in the boot2docker VM. This allows dusty disk backup to access all files persisted to the VM.

0.2.0 (July 6, 2015)

  • NEW: Dusty now offers a --all option when running tests. This will run all test suites associated with an app or lib. Also, all is now a reserved suite_name.

  • When creating test images, logs are now streamed to the user.

0.1.5 (July 1, 2015)

  • NEW: Using a config variable, Dusty now manages how large (in megabytes) to make your vm. On each start of boot2docker, Dusty will adjust your vm's memory size.

  • FIXED: Install script now passes -H flag to sudo dusty -d --preflight-only, so that boot2docker version won't create ~/.boot2docker owned by root.

  • FIXED: We are now attempting to load the SSH_AUTH_SOCK, if it is not currently set, with each Dusty command. This fixes a race condition in launchd between Dusty and SSH_AUTH_SOCK.

0.1.4 (June 29, 2015)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: services and compose keys in test specs are now specified at the suite level, not the test level.

  • FIXED: Changed test container name spaces to include suite name. This allows all test suites app or lib to run concurrently.

  • Added some additional workarounds for boot2docker 1.7

0.1.3 (June 25, 2015)

  • NEW: --repos <repos> option added to dusty restart CLI command. This will restart active containers which use the specified repos. Using this option is mutually exclusive with specifying containers to restart.
  • NEW: dusty disk backup <destination> CLI command added. This will save the contents of your VM's /persist directory.
  • NEW: dusty disk restore <source> CLI command added. This will write to your VM's /persist from <source>.

  • FIXED: dusty test [options] <service> <command [options]> is now functioning. Previously options supplied to the command to be tested were being incorrectly applied to dusty test.

  • Added support for boot2docker 1.7+, which uses 64-bit Tiny Core Linux

0.1.2 (June 23, 2015)

  • NEW: Commands are now placed in a file, copied over to the container and the file containing the commands is run. This allows you to use & in your commands.

  • repo and mount keys in app specs are now optional

  • We have switched to using docker-compose 1.3.

0.1.1 (June 18, 2015)

  • BREAKING CHANGE: We have changed the types of some of the values in app, lib, and test schema. All commands to run in the container are now lists instead of single strings.

  • NEW: dusty status CLI command has been added. This outputs a list of activated apps, libs, and services. It also informs if a container is associated with each.

  • FIXED: dusty setup now looks for your nginx config in all 3 default locations.

0.1.0 (June 15, 2015)

  • Initial release